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Whilst Butt Nothing's Management will do its utmost to ensure your health, comfort & safety we request that:

Noise to be kept to normal levels as Lorraine is a quiet, residential area  
No jumping or diving into the swimming pool.
No person may attempt to or operate or handle any swimming pool pump, pool equipment or pool chemicals.

The towels provided for swimming may be taken to the beach, please do not take the bath or hand towels with you on these excursions.
Please switch off any appliances when not in use.
Outside paving can be slippery when wet so be cautious in these conditions
’Butt Nothing’ is not responsible for any defects in personal laundry of guests resulting from the use of our laundry facilities.
Fires to be made in designated areas only.
As water shortages are common in the Eastern Cape – where possible, try to save water.
Any difficulties with appliances please inform Management immediately.
Direct all queries, concerns, defects or breakage’s to Management immediately.

We ask that when booking your accommodation, that you advise us as to any special requests and/or if you should have a medical condition that may require attention, so that we are forewarned to assist you in case of an emergency.

We request that you follow the generally accepted ‘Rules’ of the naturist lifestyle while staying with us at Butt Nothing:-


For sanitary reasons - Always sit on your Towel.

Get permission of others that might be in a photo before taking the photo.

Public Sexual Activity is strictly forbidden. 

Cover up when leaving ‘Butt Nothing’ or entering a ‘textile’ area.


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